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Watching Video on

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Our new basketball workflow will have video and data ready to study in minutes.

Common Questions

Where do I watch video on How do I adjust my time flags? I’m watching video, but it looks distorted. How do I fix this?

Hudl gives you and the entire team online access to the video published to your Library. Video will be available in your Library once a coach has used Hudl Mercury to upload and share it.

Hudl works best when using Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome here.

Watch Video

Library Schedule

  1. Hover over Video and click Library. The Library page is where you will watch all video that has been uploaded to the team’s account.
  2. The library is organized by season and schedule. Click the season to view all of the games for that season.
  3. Click the game to expand the list of available video. A video playlist is listed as a blue link. Click the link to load the video in the video player.

Playback Options

Playback Options

  1. Play/ Pause
  2. Slow Forward or Slow Rewind
  3. Fast Forward or Fast Rewind
  4. Fullscreen
  5. Next or Previous Clip

Click Menu under the video screen to load the Menu options.

Playback Menu

Adjust Time Flags

Adjust the time flags to narrow the time frame of the clip you are viewing. This will allow you to focus on a short part of the clip for teaching or review. Adjusting the flags is not permanent, the video will return to its original time frame once you move to another clip.

  1. Click and drag the flags to the time you wish to view. The green flag on the left adjusts the start point and the red flag on the right adjusts the end point. Only the video between the flags will play.
  2. Press Play/Pause to play the selected time frame. The time frame you selected will play repeatedly until you move to another clip.

Time Flags