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Share Documents With Your Team

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This feature is available for Gold and Platinum teams only. Learn more about our packages here.

Share a Document

You will follow the same steps you are used to when sending a message to your team.

  1. Log into and click the envelope icon in the top right corner (this is only available for coaches). Message My Team
  2. In the drop-down choose the team (e.g., Varsity Football or JV Basketball) you wish to send the message. Alt text
  3. Choose the groups, coach(es), and player(s) that you want to receive the message. The left box lists all available users, the right box lists all users you have selected to receive the message. Message My Team
  4. In the Subject line, type the subject of the message (e.g., Parent Permission Slip). This would be a great place to explain what and why you are sending the given attachment. Alt text
  5. In the Message box, enter the message to your team. Alt text
  6. If you are using Chrome as your internet browser, you will be able to drag and drop files directly from a folder on your computer into the Attach box. You can also click on find files on your computer to manually search and add your attachments. Alt text

    You will be able to select and add up to five files to attach with each message you send.

  7. Click Send Message and a green bar will appear at the top of the screen telling you your message and attachment have been sent.

Access the Documents

Your message and documents will be accessible to the recipients in three places:

  • Recipient’s Email: All recipients selected will receive an email with the message and attachments included. Some members of your team may need to check their Junk Mail or Spam folders for the email. They can click on the attachment(s) listed in the email to download the file(s) to their computer.

    You must be logged in to your account to download and open an attachment you have received. If you are not logged in, clicking on the attachment will redirect you to the Login page. Once the login information is entered, the attachment begin downloading right away.

  • Home Page: The Recent Attachments box will appear on the left side of the Home page. All of the attachments received in the past will be listed for easy download. Recent Attachments