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Send a Message to Your Team

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Coming April 2016, is a new messaging tool, click here to learn more.

Messages can only be sent from, and cannot be received. Sending messages from Hudl is only available to coaches.

In order to send an email or text message, the recipient’s email (required for logging in), cell phone number, and cell phone carrier must be added to your roster. To learn more about editing your roster, check out this tutorial.

Text messaging is only available for Gold and Platinum Hudl clients. Learn more about our packages here.

Send a Message

  1. Log into and click the envelope icon in the top right corner (this is only available for coaches). Message My Team
  2. In the drop-down choose the team (e.g., Varsity Football or JV Basketball) you wish to send the message. Alt text
  3. Choose the groups, coach(es), and player(s) that you want to receive the message. The left box lists all available users, the right box lists all users you have selected to receive the message. Message My Team
  4. In the Subject line, type the subject of the message (e.g., Parent Permission Slip). Alt text
  5. In the Message box, type the message to your team. Alt text
  6. Click Send Message to send your message. A green notification bar will appear at the top of the screen informing you your message has been sent. Some members of your team may need to check their Junk Mail or Spam folders for the email.

The rate at which a text message is delivered is dependent on the recipient’s specific cell phone provider. Text messages may take several minutes to be delivered, so makes sure you allow time for the recipient to receive it. It does not cost anything to send a text message from Hudl; however, standard messaging rates will occur for the recipient. Please check with your cell phone provider before you enter your cell phone into Hudl and begin sending text messaging. Hudl is not responsible for text messaging charges due to messages from Hudl.