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Create and Share a Video Playlist

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Common Questions

How do I create a playlist? How do I reorder and save a playlist? How do I share a playlist?

Create a Playlist

  1. Select the video clips for the new playlist by clicking the checkboxes next to the clip. To include all the clips, click the box above the column. Create Playlist
  2. Click Save Playlist at the top right corner of the clips list. Alt text
  3. Name the playlist. Be sure the name is descriptive so that you can remember what clips are in the playlist (e.g. 3rd and Long Runs or #23 Missed Shots). Alt text
  4. Decide where to save the playlist by choosing a Season, Event, and Category. Alt text
  5. Click Save Playlist to save. The new playlist will appear in your library. Alt text
  6. Add more clips to a playlist by checking the box next to the clip(s). Drag and drop the selected clips onto the playlist. Alt text

When you create a new playlist, it is only visible to you. You will need to follow the Sharing portion of this tutorial to share the playlist with team members.

Save Playlist Order and Reorder Clips

  1. After you sort your clips, an option will appear for you to save the order of the clips.
  2. Click Save this Order to have your clips load and play in that order again. Save This Order
  3. To go back to you original order, sort by Play # or Clip #.
  4. To manually reorder your clips, check the box of the clip(s) you would like to move.
  5. A green line will appear and move with your mouse as you move up or down your clips list. The green line indicates the new location for the checked clips. Move Clips Here
  6. When you have decided where you would like to place the clips, click Move Clips Here that appears as part of the green line.
  7. A notification will appear at the top telling you your order was saved.

Share the Playlist

  1. Select a playlist and click Share at the top of the library. Share Hudl Playlist
  2. Select individuals or groups to share the playlist with and click the right arrow to add them to the share list. If you would like to share these clips with everyone, click All Team. Alt text
  3. If you have created any notes or telestrations on the video and would like to share them with the playlist, choose Yes under Include Notes. Alt text
  4. Enter a brief message to send everyone receiving the playlist in the Message box. This message will be included in the email each user will receive and can help explain in the contents of the playlist. Alt text
  5. Click Share to share the playlist.

The playlist will now be shared to all the users you selected. They will receive an email informing them that a new playlist is available to them along with a link that will take them directly to the playlist.