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Xbox Controller

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In Hudl, you have the ability to connect to an Xbox 360 Controller in order to control video playback. If you are using a wireless controller, you will need a wireless receiver as well as the controller to use this feature.

If the remote you are using has a cord that detaches from the remote itself, then that means you are not using the correct controller. Cords that detach from the remote are for charging your Xbox controller while you play. If the cord can’t be removed from the remote, you are using the correct wired remote.

Connecting the Xbox 360 Controller

  1. Hover over Video and select Library.
  2. Click on the Menu button under the video player, next to the telestration tools. Download Hudl Remote App
  3. Run the installer and Hudl will install the remote application to your computer.
  4. Plug controller (if wired controller) or wireless receiver (if wireless controller) into USB port on computer.

    Your remote may plug into the computer as a power source, but still not be recognized because you need to have a wireless receiver for it no matter what.

  5. Hold the power button in the top-middle of the controller to turn it on. The wireless controller will flash while connecting to the wireless receiver. Once activated, a steady green light will appear at the top-left portion of the power button.

Using the Xbox 360 Controller

The following buttons can be used to control your video: Xbox

If the controller is left unattended it will automatically shut itself off. To reactivate controller, hold the power button in the top-middle of the controller. You may need to refresh your browser for the controller to be recognized again.