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Use a Smart Pointer

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Hudl gives you the option to wirelessly control your video playback. This can be used online with Hudl Presentations and video playback from your video library, and offline with Hudl Presenter or the Hudl Video Editor. Using a Smart Pointer makes it easy to transition your video without having to be next to your computer or use a mouse. Connecting the Smart Pointer is quick and easy.

Smart Pointers are inexpensive, and can be purchased on, click on the link below for additional information on purchasing your own Smart Pointer to use with Hudl.

SP400 Smart-Pointer (Silver) 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Presenter with Mouse Function and Laser Pointer

The Smart Pointer remote will work in both Windows and Mac environments but will only work on at this time.

Using the Smart Pointer

  1. To connect your Smart Pointer, simply plug the USB receiver into a USB Port. The pointer will work automatically, installing itself as a wireless keyboard(You may notice a driver installation window, this installation should take less than 30 seconds and must finish before you can use the remote).
  2. Make sure the switch on the side of the remote (see the image below) is in the down position for presentation mode.
  3. Based on the image, the following commands will be available:

Smart Pointer

  • Up
    • Single click: Previous clip/slide
    • Hold button: Rewind
  • Down
    • Single click: Next angle/clip/slide
    • Hold button: Fast Forward
  • Right
    • Single click: Play or Pause video
    • Hold button: Slow Forward
  • Left
    • Single click: Restart Video
    • Hold button: Slow Rewind
  • Start – Doesn’t do anything in Hudl, currently.
  • Pause – Doesn’t do anything in Hudl, currently.

To stop using the Smart Pointer, remove the USB receiver from the USB port.

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