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Hudl Coaches Remote (Windows)

So Hot Right Now

Defensive Playbook is now available! Log in and open the Coaching Tools tab to check it out.

The Hudl remote can be used in your library on and with Hudl Presentations.

If you are on a Mac computer - check out the Using the Coaches Remote (for Mac) tutorial.

Purchase a remote here.

Download Hudl Remotes

  1. Log in to your account and select Library at the top.
  2. Click Menu under the video player and select Download Hudl Remotes. Alt text
  3. Run the program to install the remote application on your computer.

Use the Coaches Remote

The following buttons can be used to control your video:

Alt text

Restart Hudl Remotes

If you unplug the coaches remote, you will need to exit and restart the application the next time you plan to use it. Follow these instructions: