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Download a Project to the Hudl Video Editor

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One benefit of using Hudl is that we can store all of your video online so you don’t need to have stacks of DVDs or several portable hard drives. Once you have published video to, you can delete the projects from your computer so there is no need to purchase extra equipment to store your video footage. If you need to view game footage, an opponent scout, or player highlight, and you know you will be in a place without an internet connection; Hudl makes it easy to download your video from, back to Hudl Video Editor, making it possible to view your video without an internet connection.

In order to initially download video from, you will need an internet connection, as Hudl Video Editor pulls the information from the online site. After you have downloaded the video, you will be able view it without an internet connection.

Download a Playlist or Highlight

  1. Click Download Project to begin the download process. Login if the dialog box appears. Logging in ensures that you see the correct teams and playlists from Hudl.
  2. Select a team from which the video is associated. Click Next.
  3. Within the Download Project box, click Playlist or Highlight – depending on which you would like to download. A series of boxes will populate for you to make selections from your library or athletes.
    • Playlist – information will be listed in the order of season-game-type of video (game, practice, opponent scout) – playlist name. Download Project
    • Highlight – information will be listed in order of player-season-game.
  4. Click Next when you have made all your selections.
  5. On the next step, make sure you choose the appropriate selection for the Why are you downloading this video?

    Some features may be disabled if you select an option that you weren’t intending. To fix this, simply Angle Import the video into a new project.

  6. The project will automatically download to your Video Editor Projects folder (which is most likely in your My Documents or Documents folder). Click the Browse button if you would like to change the location the project will be saved.
  7. Click Next to begin downloading the project.
  8. The Download Progress dialog will appear. This dialog consists of three downloading steps:
    • Data – Information about the playlist or highlights
    • Video Download – The video from
    • Project – Creates a project in the video for the playlist or highlights
  9. Once the three steps are complete, click Finish. The project will automatically open for viewing in the Hudl Video Editor.