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Use a League Exchange Pool

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Using a league exchange pool is a great way to quickly exchange film with all of the teams in your league each week. When it comes time to exchange, add your film to the exchange pool, and your team will then have access to the rest of the film that has been added previously. At the end of the week, the league exchange pool will lock down and you will need to add more film from your next game to regain access.

The League Pool tab will only appear if your league has requested the pooled exchange. To request a league pool, email with the name of the league and the included schools.

Adding Video to the League Pool

Adding your own video to the league pool automatically gives you access to all the video that other teams in your league have added that week.

  1. Click Exchanges at the top of the page then select the League Pool tab.
  2. Click on the blue Add Your Video to the League Pool button.
  3. Select the playlist(s) you would like to add to the league pool. Click Next.
  4. Select the data and angles you would like to share with the league.
  5. Click Add Your Video to the League Pool. You now have access to the video that has already been added to the pool.

In some special cases like a “bye” week, you may need access to another team’s video without having video of your own to add to the league pool. Click on the Haven’t played recently but still need access? link to gain access to the pool without adding your own video.

Adding Opponent Scout Film to your Library

  1. You will know whether or not a team has added video to the league pool that week by looking at the icon next to their name.
    • No Video No Video The team has not yet added video this week.
    • Video Video Available The team has added video and has access to all previously added video.
    • No Recent Video No Recent Video The team had a “bye” week and has no recent video to add to the pool.
  2. Click on the name of the opponent whose video you want to add to your library.
  3. All of the playlists that the school has added to the pool will be displayed. Roll your mouse over the playlist and click on the Add to Your Library button that appears.
  4. Choose a location in your library to save the playlist and select who you want the playlist to be shared with.
  5. Click Add This Video and the opponent scout film will be added to your library.