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Exchange Film with a Hudl Team

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Common Questions

How do I start a new exchange? How do I accept an active exchange? How do I exchange with a non-Hudl team? How do I get started with a league pool exchange?

Access your exchanges by selecting Exchanges at the top of the page.

Only Team Administrators can exchange film with other teams.

Start New Exchange

  1. Select which team you are exchanging with.
    • Hudl will automatically suggest teams you have added to your schedule. Click on any suggested team to begin the exchange with them.
    • Type in the Search field if the team is not listed.

    Alt text

  2. Choose a game from your schedule and select the playlist(s) you want to exchange. Click Add More to select multiple playlists or Next to move on. Alt text
  3. Select the data and angles for the exchange. Click Next.
  4. Choose to send either a Two-way exchange or One-way exchange. You can choose to add a message below. Click Next.

    A two-way exchange ensures that the other team can't save your film until they send theirs in return. Once both sides have sent film and accepted the exchange, the full video is available.

  5. Confirm the details of the exchange and click Send your Video.

Respond to an Active Exchange

  1. Select an active exchange from the list on the left.

    For an active Two-way exchange, respond by sending video in return. Click Respond to select the playlist(s) to exchange.

  2. Click the play icon to preview the clip. Four clips from the exchange will be available to preview. Alt text
  3. To complete an exchange, review the details of the trade and select Accept or Decline.
  4. Once the exchange has been accepted, click Add to Library. Choose the correct season and schedule entry.
  5. Choose which groups to share the video with and finish by selecting Add this Video.