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Going from Hudl Exchange to Hudl Silver, Gold or Platinum

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So, you just upgraded from the basic Hudl Exchange package to Hudl Silver, Gold, or Platinum. This tutorial will help you start using Hudl as the video hub for your entire team.

Your Dashboard & Library

In Hudl Exchange, everything you need to trade video and manage your team is located on a single screen. That’s great for really simple applications. But the full version of Hudl is much more robust and so the application is divided across several screens.

Two that you’ll become very comfortable seeing are your: Home and Library pages.

On your Home page, we show you recent activity from all the members of your team. Any time there’s something new to know about your team in Hudl, you’ll find it on your Home page. There’s also a really helpful list of Achievements you can earn along the left-hand side of the screen. They’re a great resource for making sure you’re getting the most out of Hudl.

The Library is where you’ll spend most of your time. It’s where you’ll find all of your game and scout videos as well as the breakdown data for each game. You can browse all your video in the Library on the right-hand side of the screen. The data for each game you select loads down below.

Here’s are some help guides start watching video on the Hudl Library page.

Exchanging Video in Hudl

If you’re looking for you exchanged videos, you’ll find them by clicking Exchanges at the top of the page.

There, you’ll find a record of all your past exchanges and a button that lets you make new ones.

Here’s one important difference between exchanges in Hudl Exchange and in the full version of Hudl. At the end of the Exchange process, you need to click the ‘Add Video to Your Library’ button within an exchange once it’s finalized. The video will be moved into your Library so that you can access it more easily and share it with the rest of your team.

Watch this quick tutorial to see how to start a new exchange.

Breaking Down Video & Looking for Tendencies

Hudl Exchange is just about trading video. But with Hudl, you can really dive deep into the video by analyzing it and looking for tendencies. Then, you can communicate those tendencies (for opponents) and corrections (for yourself) to your coaches and players.

This tutorial explains how to enter data online so that you can filter and sort by it later.

As you’re watching the video and notice things you want to come back to, you can telestrate (draw with ink and text) directly on top of the video. These coaching notes are automatically saved for you so you can share them with all of your analysis.

Coaching Your Players with Video

With the full version of Hudl, all of your players can get access to video if you share it with them–they don’t see full games by default like you probably do. That means you need to set up and manage your roster.

Here’s the rundown on how to do that. It just takes a few minutes especially if you have an Excel file with your roster information already entered.

Once you’ve done that, you can organize your team into Groups to make sharing video and information much easier. That way, for example, you can share just the kicking videos with your special teams players, or your 3-pt attempts with your shooting guards.

Once you’ve done that, you can start sharing video out with your players in addition to your coaches. Once you share, they can automatically get access to just those videos from their iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android devices.

Manage Your Recruiting Process with Hudl & Highlights

Players can take partial ownership of the recruiting process by helping you create their highlight reels. As the coach, you always have control, even though players can tag their own individual best plays.

The best coaches help their athletes curate their highlights down to only the ones recruiters will want to see.

Once you’ve made highlights, you can share video directly to recruiters in Hudl.