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Manually Load DVD

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Disclaimer: These steps are only to be used to rip non-federally protected DVDs. Hudl does not condone ripping federally protected DVDs and is not legally responsible for actions taken by the end user.

Copy the VOB Files

  1. Place the DVD in your DVD drive.
  2. Open the start menu and click Computer. Alt text
  3. Right-click on the DVD and select Open. Alt text
  4. Navigate to the Video_TS folder. Alt text
  5. Copy the files that end in the extension .VOB to a folder on your desktop. Do not copy the VIDEO_TS.VOB file. Alt text

Load the VOB Files into Mercury

  1. Open Hudl Mercury.
  2. Select Add below Media Files. Alt text
  3. Browse to where you saved the files you ripped from the DVD and load the VOB files into Mercury.
  4. Continue upload through Mercury.

Using the Web Uploader

  1. Navigate to the correct schedule event.
  2. Select Upload Videos on the right side. Alt text
  3. Now select Choose Files. Alt text
  4. After you’ve selected the .VOB files, hit Open and then Start Upload