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Moving Players Between Teams

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The new season is right around the corner and it’s time for you to create a new varsity season in Hudl and move your junior varsity players to your varsity account. The steps in this tutorial can be used to move players from a freshman team to a junior varsity team as well.

Creating a Season

  1. To create a new season, hover over Team and click Schedule. Alt text
  2. Click New Season or Past Season in the top right.
  3. Choose the year and the athletes you would like to carry over into the respective season.
  4. Click Add this Season to create your new season.

Moving Players Between Teams

Now that you have your new varsity season created and your returning players added to the new roster, you will want to add your players that are moving between levels. This would include anyone who was not on varsity last season but has now moved up this season.

  1. Hover over Team and click Roster. Alt text

    Make sure that you are on the JV team by checking in the top left hand corner of Hudl.

  2. Click Export Roster on the top. This will create an Excel document of your roster, not actually remove any players. Alt text
  3. Open the Excel file that downloads and delete any players that you do not want to move to the new team.

  4. Go to File and save the document as a .CSV Comma Delimitted. We suggest saving this on your desktop so you are able to find it quickly.

  5. On Hudl, hover your mouse in the top left hand corner and choose your varsity team. You should now be on the varsity roster page.

  6. Click Import Roster and find the .CSV file that you just saved on your desktop.

  7. Hudl will match the values and if a value is matched incorrectly (for example, matched home phone with cell phone), use the drop down menus to correctly match them. Alt text
  8. Click Import Roster and all of the athletes in the Excel document will be added.

    This method will not automatically update graduation years. You will need to manually update these in the Excel document or on Manage Roster.

You can follow these steps to move players from the Freshman to the JV teams as well. For more detailed information, visit the Adding a New Season and Managing Your Team’s Roster tutorials.