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Common Questions

How do I add athletes? How do I edit or delete an existing athlete? How do I import and/or export my roster? How do I manage my public roster?

Add Athletes

  1. Hover over Team and select Roster. Alt text
  2. Enter the athlete’s information in the provided fields. Alt text
  3. Click Add more details if you have additional information. Alt text

    Athletes must have Cell # and Cell Carrier in order to receive text messages from - this feature is available with Gold and Platinum subscriptions.

  4. Click Add Athlete to save changes. Each athlete will receive an email to the provided address with instructions on creating a password.

Edit Athlete Information

  1. Hover your mouse over the roster entry you want to edit. Alt text
  2. Click Edit to update information or add new details and click Save. Alt text

    Athlete email addresses can only be edited by a Coach if the athlete has not logged in to Hudl. Have the athlete log in or request a reset password link to update their login information.

  3. Click Disable to suspend a player’s account. Disabling an athlete allows the account to remain associated with the team, but the athlete will no longer be able to see your Library. Use Disable for athletes who leave the team or graduate.

    A disabled player can be re-activated by clicking Enable in the roster.

  4. Click the trash can to permanently delete a player from the roster. This will remove all of the highlights from their profile and cannot be undone.

Import Roster

  1. Click Import Roster and select the Excel or CSV file from your computer. Alt text
  2. Click Start Import. Hudl will attempt to match the columns with available fields. If data is matched with the wrong field, use the drop-down menu to make corrections.
  3. Use Previous and Next to view a different athlete.
  4. Click Import Roster to save.

Export Your Roster

  1. Click Export Roster to create an Excel file with all of your athlete information.
  2. Save the file to your computer, but take note of where it saves.

Public Roster

If your team is linked with MaxPreps edit which athletes are displayed publicly on Hudl and MaxPreps.

  1. Hover over Team and select Roster. Alt text
  2. Click Manage Public Roster. Alt text
  3. Uncheck the box next to any athlete to remove them from the public roster on Hudl and MaxPreps. Alt text

    Updates to MaxPreps will occur every 20 minutes.