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Manage Your Coaches

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Defensive Playbook is now available! Log in and open the Coaching Tools tab to check it out.

Common Questions

How do I add a new coach? How do I edit or delete an existing coach? What is the difference between Coach and Team Administrator?

Add a Coach

  1. Open the Manage tab and select Coaches.

    Only team administrators are able to edit the coaches roster.

  2. Fill the provided fields with each coach’s information.
  3. Team Administrator:

    Check the Team Administrator box to give a coach added privileges. In addition to the normal coach abilities in Hudl, team admins can also:

    • Add, edit and delete coaches for the team
    • Exchange video with other teams
    • Send recruiting packages
  4. Click Add Coach to save the entry.

Each coach will receive an email to the provided address with instructions on creating a password.

Edit a Coach

  1. Hover your mouse over the coach you want to edit. An Edit button will appear on the right.
  2. Click Edit to update existing information or add new details, and click Save.
  3. Click Delete to remove a coach from your team. Once removed, the coach will no longer have access to the team’s account.