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Get Started with Fundraising

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Interactive shot charts are now available! Log in to via computer to start studying today.

To begin, hover over Team and click on Campaigns, Keepsakes or Use Funds. Alt text


Using Hudl to run your campaign will allow you to reach a broad set of supporters through email, Facebook, and Twitter, and easily collect and manage your donations online.

Your team will receive 96% of the donations (we keep 4% for credit card processing fees).

Learn more about Campaigns.


It takes one click of your mouse to start raising money by allowing parents, fans and athletes to purchase video keepsakes of highlights and games. Your team will earn $10 for every DVD + Download ordered, $8 for every DVD ordered, and $4 for every Download ordered.

Learn more about Keepsakes.

Use Funds

Click Use Funds to see the breakdown of your account. Your current account balance will be displayed in the top right.

  • Click Apply your funds to the invoice to use your available funds to pay for Hudl.
  • Click Request a check to have a check for the full amount of your available funds sent to the school. You must have $50 or more available to request a check. Alt text

Only team administrators have the ability to Use Funds.