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Hudl Windows 8 App

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Install the Hudl app on your Windows 8 tablet to watch video from your library. The app is free and available to all Hudl users.

Video streams directly through Wifi, 3G, or 4G on the app. If you are without internet access, see the Offline Viewing section below.

Install the Hudl App

  1. Go to the Windows Store and search for Hudl.
  2. When found, tap Install.
  3. Once installed, find the app on the Start Screen.

You can also install the app on your Windows 8 computer to easily download video for offline viewing. Download the app here.

Watch Video

Open the app and log in using your email and password. Tap the schedule entry and playlist you would like to view. The team and season will be displayed in the top right. Tap to switch to a different season or team.

Alt text

Playback Controls

  1. Play/ Pause
  2. Next or Previous Clip
  3. Slow Forward or Slow Rewind
  4. Fast Forward or Fast Rewind
  5. Options:
    • Angles: Check the box next to the angles you want to view.
    • Playback: Select a playback option for viewing clips.

Alt text

Filter Clips

Filter clips based on any data that was entered on the playlist in your Library. 1. Tap the name of the column to filter for specific clips. 1. Tap the box next to any criteria that applies to the video you want to see. For example, tap Rush to filter all rushing plays from the game.

Alt text

Offline Viewing

Tap Download Playlist in the top right to download the video to your tablet or computer for viewing without an internet connection. Without an internet connection, only downloaded video will appear in the app.