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Tag a Game

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Common Questions

How do I tag a game? How do I tag player stats? How do I see the Box Score? What happens if I miss a few plays during tagging? How do I match the data with my video?

Tag a Game

  1. Tap the menu icon (three lines) in the top left to open the main menu and select Tag a Game. Alt text
  2. Select the game you are tagging or choose The game isn’t listed… to add it to your schedule. Alt text
  3. Choose whether or not you want to collect stats by tagging the players involved in each play by tapping Yes or No. (These stats only apply to your team’s players.) Collect Player Stats
  4. Tell the app What Happened? by selecting from one of the four kicking options: Kickoff, Received, Onside Kick, and Receiving Onside Kick. On kickoffs you will identify the kicker, then spot the ball twice. First, touch the point on the field where the kick was received. Second, touch the point on the field where the returner went down, then click Done. Spot Ball
  5. After the kickoff, begin tagging the first possession. The options available are:
    • Run: Fumble, Penalty, QB Sacked and Touchdown.
    • Pass: Complete, Incomplete, Interception and QB Sacked.
    • Penalty: If a penalty occurs, you will be asked to identify the resulting down after the penalty. You will also be asked to spot the ball on the resulting yard line.
    • Something Else: The options under something else are QB Scramble, FG Attempt, and Punt. Alt text
  6. On 4th Down, Hudl assumes the most common option is a punt. If the 4th down play is not a punt, select Something else… to choose FG attempt, Run, Pass, QB Scramble, or Penalty.
  7. At the end of the game, select End of Regulation and choose between End of Game or Overtime. The data you tagged will automatically import to your library via 3G, 4G or WiFi, ready to match with your video clips. Check out the Matching Tagged Data to Your Video Clips tutorial for instructions.

Tag Player Stats

When your team is on offense:

  1. For a Run, tap the name of the rusher involved in the play. For a Pass, tap the name of the passer and receiver.
  2. Tap Someone else… if the name is not listed. Scroll down to find the athlete or manually enter their jersey number.
  3. Tap Skip if you missed the athlete and Done to continue.

When your team is on defense:

  1. Tap the name of the tackler and assisting tackler involved in the play.
  2. Tap Someone else… if the name is not listed and find the athlete manually, using the same steps as before.
  3. Tap Skip if you missed the athlete and Done to continue.

Box Score

  1. Tap the Share icon to the right of Box Score. You will only see this option at halftime and at the end of the game.
  2. A new email is automatically created. Share the Box Score with yourself, the media, or other coaches on the team by entering their email address.

The link to the Box Score is a public link and can be viewed by anyone that receives the email.

Use the Catch Up Button

If you get behind in the game, don’t worry - the app makes it easy for you make any changes on after the game.

  1. Tap the green Catch Up button if you accidentally miss a play or segment of the game.
  2. When you select Catch Up, you will identify who has possession of the ball, the current quarter, down, and distance, and continue tagging from there. Catch Up

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