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Common Questions

How do I add text notes and telestrations? How do I view text notes and telestrations? How do I filter clips by breakdown data? How do I edit my breakdown data? How do I download a video for offline viewing?

This tutorial explains the Hudl app for football coaches. Some features of the app will appear differently for athletes and coaches of other sports.

Download and Install the Hudl App

  • On your iPad, go to the App Store and search for Hudl and Install.
  • If viewing this page on an iPad, install the app here.

Log in to the app using your login information. The main menu on the left includes:

Alt text

  1. Home
  2. Video
  3. Exchanges (Team Administrators only)
  4. Capture
  5. Tag a Game
  6. Playbook


This screen shows a countdown until the next game, the most recent post to the Activity Feed, and action items like creating highlights or accepting an exchange.

Alt text


Select a schedule entry from the drop-down menu and tap any video to watch it. Click here for steps on how to download a video for offline viewing.

View in Full Screen

Alt text

  1. Play/Pause
  2. Slow Rewind or Slow Forward
  3. Fast Rewind or Fast Forward
  4. Previous or Next Clip
  5. Loop Current Clip
  6. Turn Angles On or Off

Add Text Notes and Telestrations

Connect the iPad to a second screen and annotations will appear as they’re added.

  1. Tap either the text note or telestration icon and the video will play in fullscreen. Alt text
  2. Pause at the desired moment to add a text note or telestration.
    • For a text note, tap on the screen and a text box will appear. Enter the text and tap Save Note. Alt text
    • For a telestration, use your finger to draw on the screen. Select Clear to delete all telestrations or Undo to remove your last stroke. Alt text
  3. To move a text box, tap and hold the left side of the box and drag it to the new location. Alt text
  4. Tap the text box to edit or delete the note. Tap Delete Note to remove the text note or Save Changes to keep the edits. Alt text
  5. Tap Done when finished. Choose whether to save or delete the new text notes and telestrations. Alt text

View Text Notes and Telestrations

A note indicator will appear in the list to the left of each clip that has a note or telestration added. Alt text Tap the fullscreen icon to view the notes and telestrations. Alt text

While watching a selected clip: Alt text

  • Tap Hide Notes in the top right to watch the video without notes.

  • A note pin appears in the seek bar where a text note or telestration has been added. Click on it to go directly to the annotation.

Filter Data

Filter clips from data entered on the playlist using either method:

  • For text columns: Tap the name of the column and select a value to apply.

  • For number columns: Tap the name of the column and drag the bar to filter. Alt text

Edit Data

  1. Click Edit Data to enter or edit data to break down your video. Alt text
  2. Select a field to edit, type in the data, and tap Done Editing to save. Alt text

Download Video for Offline Viewing

Wi-Fi connection or cellular data is required for this process.

  1. Tap and hold a video and select Make Available Offline to download. Alt text
  2. All videos that have been downloaded will show a green cloud icon.
  3. Tap and hold on the downloaded video and de-select Make Available Offline to remove it from the local storage on the device, not from the Hudl Library. Alt text