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Hudl Android App

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Install the Hudl app on your device to watch video from your Library anytime, anywhere. The app is free and available to all users.

Since there are many different versions of the Android platform, not all phones and tablets will support the app. The app should be compatible with any device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, as well as the Kindle Fire HD and HDX.

Download and Install the App

  1. On your device, go to the Play Store and search for Hudl.
  2. When found, just click Install.
  3. Once installed, it will appear in your apps list.

Alt text

Log in to the app using your login information. Tap the Hudl logo in the top left to open the main menu:

  1. Home
  2. Activity Feed
  3. Video
  4. Exchanges
  5. Mobile Capture


Select Home in the main menu to view a countdown until your next game, the most recent post to your Activity Feed, and actions items like creating highlights or accepting an exchange.

Alt text


Select Video in the main menu to open your Library. Select a schedule entry to find the video you want to watch. Tap any thumbnail to play that clip in full screen.

Alt text

View in Full Screen

Alt text

  1. Play/Pause
  2. Previous or next clip
  3. Loop clip
  4. Hide notes

Filter Clips

  1. Tap the icon in the top right to filter the playlist and watch specific clips. Alt text
  2. All columns that have data entered will be displayed. Check the box next to the column(s) you want to filter and tap Done. Alt text
  3. Tap a value to apply a filter to text columns, or drag the bar to filter number columns. Alt text

Other Features of the Hudl Android App