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Capture Video with an Android

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Video uploaded through Mobile Capture will count against storage hours unless recorded on a scheduled game day and Game Footage is selected. This feature is only available to coaches that are not on the new flow-based platform.

  1. From the Menu select Capture. If recording on a scheduled game day, the option to Record Game Footage will appear on the Home screen. Alt text

  2. Tap the Record button to start and stop recording a clip. Alt text

  • Hold the device in landscape mode for best results.
  • To include audio, make sure the Record Audio option is selected.
  • Pinch to zoom in or out before or during recording.
  • Tap the Replay icon to review the last clip captured at any time.
  1. Tap the thumbnail in the bottom right to view clips. To upload all clips, select Upload These Clips. Alt text

  2. Tap the thumbnail of any clip to work with that clip individually.
    • Tap Play to play the selected clip.
    • Tap Upload to upload only the selected clip.
    • Tap Delete to delete the selected clip.
    • Tap the phone’s Back button to continue recording clips.
  3. If recording on a game day, the option to upload to Mobile Uploads or Game Footage will appear. Alt text

  4. If a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can upload over a cellular connection. (Data charges may apply.) Alt text


Uploaded clips will be located in the library under Game Footage or Mobile Uploads, then notes and telestrations can be added and shared with the team.