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Now that football season is in full swing we’ve put together a list of tricks to help you continue to dominate this season.

Hudl makes it easy for you to tag highlights for your team and players. Quickly tag highlights from the video in your library to save hours on cutting up clips.

Are you an athlete? Check out Using Highlights - For Athletes

Tag Highlights

  1. Go to your Library and select the game with the clips you want to tag as highlights. You will only be able to tag highlights on playlists that were published as Game Footage.

  2. In the clips list, click the star next to each clip that you wish to tag as a highlight.

  3. You will have the option to tag a clip as the following:
    • Top Play: Pick the most incredible play from the game and Hudl will create an awesome highlight for you to share. Click here to learn more. What type of highlight is this
    • Team Highlight: Tagging a clip as a team highlight will automatically add it to your Team Highlight page.
    • Athlete Highlight: Tag highlights for any individual athlete. Begin typing the athlete’s name and Hudl will automatically pull from the names on your roster. Tagging a clip as an athlete highlight will automatically add it to their Athlete Profile page.
  4. Remove a highlight by clicking the star of an existing highlight. This will remove the clip from the Team or Athlete Highlight page.

View Team Highlights

  1. Roll your mouse over Highlights at the top of the page and click Team Highlights in the drop-down. You can also access your team highlights by clicking Highlights on the Overview page.
  2. The Team Highlights page is organized by season and game. Click on a video thumbnail to play the clips you tagged as highlights for that game. All Top Plays and Premium Highlights will be on this page too.
  3. Share your team highlights with fans by selecting one of the options below the video player. You can share via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The number of views for a given highlight appears above the sharing options. Alt text

View Athlete Highlights

  1. View athlete highlights by rolling your mouse over Highlights at the top of the page and clicking My Athletes in the drop-down.
  2. Your current season’s roster will be displayed. Athletes with a film icon next to their name have tagged highlights. Click on the name of an athlete to load their Athlete Profile page.
  3. The Athlete Profile page is organized by season and game. Click on any video thumbnail to play those highlights. Alt text
  4. Share your athletes highlights by selecting a highlight and clicking one of the options below the video player. Share highlights via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Alt text

Once you tag clips as team or athlete highlights, the next step is to create a Premium Highlight. Creating a Premium Highlight will allow you to add music, spot shadows and title slides to the highlights you have tagged. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a killer Premium Highlight for your team and athletes.

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