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Premium Highlights

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Common Questions

How do I add video, music, slides, or images? How do I save and share the highlight? How do I edit or delete the highlight? How do I do this on the Hudl iOS app?

Once you tag highlights in the Library, you can create a killer Premium Highlight with title slides, spot shadows, images and music.

Create a New Highlight Reel

  1. Hover over Highlights and click My Highlights. Alt text
  2. Click Create a New Highlight Reel. Alt text

    This option will not appear until you tag highlights. Check out this tutorial on tagging highlights.

  3. Give your highlight a name by clicking Edit Title next to New Reel, which will update once you name your highlight. Alt text

Add Video

  1. In the Highlights tab, you will see a list of your highlights. Drag a highlight to the Video timeline below the video player to add it to your highlight reel: Alt text

Every highlight reel is required to have a main title slide to be published. The information from this slide comes from your profile and includes the name of the reel.

  1. Trim Clips: Keep your clips trimmed tightly around the action you’re highlighting. Click the Scissors in the bottom right corner. Alt text
    • Drag from the left and right to your desired length. Click Done Editing when finished. Alt text
  2. Add Spot Shadows: Use spot shadows to bring attention to yourself at the beginning of the play, so people viewing the highlight know who to watch.
    • Click the Spot Shadow icon in the bottom right corner. Alt text
  • Choose between an arrow or a circle and click Done Editing when finished: Alt text

Add Music

  1. Select Music to the left of the video player.
  2. To add a song, drag your selection from the list to the the music bar at the bottom of the page. Alt text
  3. To remove a song, click the X next to the song title in the music bar. Alt text

Due to copyright laws, you no longer have the ability to add your own music.

Add Titles and Pictures

Adding titles and pictures to your Premium Highlight will help organize your clips.

  1. Click the Titles tab to the left of the video player.
  2. Drag your selected title to the Video timeline to add to your highlight
  3. To edit the wording hit the pencil in the bottom right corner of the video player.
  4. To delete the slide click the X in the top right corner.

Alt text

Save and Share

  1. Once you are done creating the highlight, click Save and Close. The Premium Highlight will automatically save to the your athlete profile page.
  2. You can share your highlight right from your profile page via email, Facebook or Twitter. Alt text
  3. Interested in ordering a DVD or download of the Premium Highlight? Learn how here.

Edit or Delete

  • Click Edit to begin editing a Premium Highlight. Alt text
  • Hovering over the highlight and click Delete to remove. Be careful, this cannot be undone. Alt text

Premium Highlights on iOS

  1. From the menu, tap Highlights. Alt text

  2. Tap Create Your New Highlight Reel at the bottom of the page. Alt text

  3. Enter a title for your highlight and tap Start Editing. Alt text

Add a Title Slide and Clips

  1. Click the Add in the bottom right to change your title slide or add clips. Alt text

  2. Click the Titles icon on the right to update your title slide. Alt text

  3. Select a slide for your highlight title. Alt text

  4. Tap the Clips icon on the left to add video clips. Alt text

  5. Select the clips you want included. The clips will appear at the bottom of the screen, ready to be trimmed or deleted. Alt text

  6. Tap the scissors, drag the ends of the trim tool to where you want the clip to begin and end, and tap Save to trim your clip. Alt text

    The ability to add spot shadows and music are coming to iOS soon.

Share Premium Highlights on iOS

  1. From the menu, tap Highlights. Alt text

  2. Select the video you would like to share, swipe left and click Share.

  3. Select how you would like to share the video. Alt text

Delete Premium Highlights on iOS

  1. From the menu, tap Highlights. Alt text

  2. Select the video you would like to delete, swipe left and click *More, then tap delete. Alt text