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Premium Highlights

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Common Questions

How do I create a new Premium Highlight? How do I add video? How do I add music? How do I add title slides and pictures? How do I save and share the highlight? How do I edit or delete the highlight?

Once you tag highlights in the Library, you can create a killer Premium Highlight with title slides, spot shadows, and music.

Create a New Highlight Reel

  1. Hover over Highlights and click My Highlights. Alt text
  2. Click Create a New Highlight Reel. Alt text

    This option will not appear until you tag highlights. Check out this tutorial on tagging highlights.

  3. Give your highlight a name in the Highlight Title field. Alt text

    Important: If you aren't able to add a title, try switching to a different internet browser. On Mac computers, Safari works best.

Add Video

  1. In the Video tab, you will see a list of the seasons you are a part of. Roll your mouse over a year to add video from that season:
    • Click the green plus sign to add all of the clips that you have highlighted for that season.
    • Click anywhere else on the season to add individual clips from each game. Alt text
  2. Trim Clips: Keep your clips trimmed tightly around the action you’re highlighting. Drag the green flag to the point where the clip should start playing, and the red flag to the point where it should stop. Alt text
  3. Add Spot Shadows: Use spot shadows to bring attention to yourself at the beginning of the play, so anyone viewing the highlight knows who to watch.
    • Click anywhere on the video to add the spot shadow. You can adjust the style, size and rotation of the spot shadow. Click Done to save or Remove to delete it.
    • You can only have one spot shadow per clip. Click Change Spot Shadow to make adjustments or remove it altogether.

Add Music

You can add up to three songs from Hudl’s music selection.

  1. Select the Music tab to the right of the video player.
  2. To add a song, click on the green plus sign, or drag and drop it in the box located in the lower right corner. Alt text
  3. To remove a song, click the X icon next to its title in the timeline. Alt text

Due to copyright laws, you no longer have the ability to add your own music.

Add Titles and Pictures

Adding titles and pictures to your Premium Highlight will help organize your clips.

  1. Click the Titles tab to the right of the video player.
  2. To add a title, click on the green plus sign, or drag and drop it in the box located in the lower left corner. Alt text
  3. To remove a title slide, hover over it and click the red X icon. Alt text

Save and Share

  1. Once you are done creating the Premium Highlight, click Save and Close. The Premium Highlight will automatically save to the your athlete profile page.
  2. You can share your Premium Highlight right from your highlights page via email, Facebook or Twitter. Alt text
  3. Interested in ordering a DVD or download of the Premium Highlight? Learn how here.

Edit or Delete

  • Click Edit to begin editing a Premium Highlight. Alt text
  • Delete a Premium Highlight by hovering over the highlight and clicking Delete. Be careful, this cannot be undone. Alt text