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Common Questions

How do I tag a highlight? How do I view my highlights? How do I manage my highlights? How do I add music and title slides to my highlights? I’m having trouble tagging the highlight. What is the issue?

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Log in

Log in to to begin tagging highlights. Not by your computer? No problem. Tag your highlights from your iOS or Android device.

Tag a Highlight

  1. In the Library select the game with the clips you want to tag as highlights. You are only able to tag highlights on playlists labeled Game Footage. Alt text
  2. Click the star next to the clip or the star on the right side of the video player. If the clip includes multiple angles, pick the angle you want to highlight by clicking the star while viewing that angle.

    Star in breakdown data Tag Highlights

    Star in top right of video player Alt text

    Important: You cannot tag more than 25 clips per game.

  3. Trim the Highlight: Drag the left handle to mark the beginning of the action and drag the right handle to mark the end of the action and click Save Highlight. Alt text

  4. Add a spot shadow: Click and drag the spot shadow over the player you want to focus on. Change where the spot shadow animates by scrubbing across the clip in the playback timeline. Alt text
  5. Add an arrow: Click the arrow and place near the athlete. Alt text
  6. Click Done to add the highlight to your Athlete Profile page. Alt text

  7. Remove a highlight from your profile page by going to the library and clicking the star next to that highlight.


  • Only one angle can be used per individual highlight.
  • If the angle chosen is private, that highlight will only be seen by logged in users.
  • All angles set to public will be visible to logged in users and public visitors.

View Highlights

  1. Click View Profile below your name on the Home page. Alt text
  2. Your Athlete Profile page organizes the highlights by season and game. Click on a video thumbnail to play the clips you have tagged in that game. Alt text
  3. Click View All Highlights to see a complete list of all your highlights. Alt text
  4. The All Videos page will display premium highlights and game highlights. Alt text
  5. Share your highlights with friends and fans by selecting a highlight and clicking one of the options below the video player. You can share your highlights via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Alt text

Manage Highlights

  1. Hover over Highlights and select My Highlights. Alt text
  2. All Premium and Game Highlights will appear. Alt text
  3. Make changes or updates to a Premium Highlight by clicking Edit below the reel. Alt text
  4. Hover over a Premium Highlight to:

    • Play the highlight. Alt text

    • Make the reel the featured highlight on your profile page. Alt text

    • Order the highlight. Click here for more information on ordering a highlight. Alt text

    • Delete the reel. Alt text

  5. Scroll down to manage Game Highlights. Just like Premium Highlights, hover over a game highlight to view, feature, order, or delete a highlight. Alt text
  6. Click Manage Clips below a Game Highlight to: Alt text

    • View and manage the clips. Alt text

    • Delete a clip. Alt text

      Deleting a clip will also remove the clip from all premium highlight reels.

Having Trouble Tagging a Highlight?

There are a couple different reasons you may not be able to highlight a clip:

  • The playlist is not published as Game Footage. Highlights can only be tagged for playlists that are listed under the Game Footage section of the Library.
  • You are not on the current season’s roster. Make sure your coach has added you to the roster of the season you want to tag.

Once you have tagged your best clips as highlights, the next step is to create a Premium Highlight. Creating a Premium Highlight will allow you to add music and title slides to the highlights you have tagged. Check out the tutorial to learn how make a killer Premium Highlight.