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Order Your Highlights

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With summer approaching, check out our new list of interactive online webinars - led by real Hudlies!

Order your Highlight

  1. Click View Profile from the Home page. Alt text
  2. Click to view a specific highlight or View All Highlights. Alt text
  3. Select a highlight to view and click Order Highlight. Alt text
  4. Select from the available options. Alt text

    HD downloads will only be available if the video was uploaded in high-definition.

  5. Fill out the billing, shipping and credit card information and click Order. Check out the delivery information for DVDs and downloads.

Highlight DVD

  • You will receive shipping information via email when the DVD has left our office. We do not offer expedited shipping at this time.
  • All shipments are made via USPS First-Class mail. Please allow 2-3 days for processing and 5-7 days for delivery.
  • If you are having trouble ordering a DVD, or you have not received it after a week, please email

Highlight Download

  • Once it’s ready, Hudl will send you an email with a link to your download. Make sure the email address you provided is correct. Download Highlight Email
  • When you receive the email, click the orange link that says Download the video.
  • Your video will be downloaded as a single MP4 file (most likely to your computer’s Downloads folder). That MP4 video file is now ready to upload or burn to a DVD.

The link to download the highlight is active for two weeks after purchasing. If you do not open the link and download the video within two weeks, you will need to reorder the download from the highlights page.