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Getting Started Athlete Guide

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Common Questions

How do I watch video on How do I update my athlete profile page? How do I tag highlights?

Watch Video

  1. Log in to your account, roll your mouse over Video and click on Library. The library page is where you will watch all video that has been uploaded to the team’s account.
  2. The library is organized by season and schedule. Click the season to view all of the games for that season.
  3. Click the game to expand the list of available video. A video playlist is listed as a blue link. Click the link to load the video in the video player.

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Complete Athlete Profile

It is important to keep your athlete profile complete and up to date. This is where fans and recruiters will come to watch your video.

Learn how to update your athlete profile page.

Tag Highlights

  1. Go to your Library and select the game with the clips you want to tag as highlights. You will only be able to tag highlights on playlists labeled Game Footage. Tag Highlights
  2. In the clips list below the video screen, click the star next to each clip that you want to tag as a highlight.
  3. Trim the Highlight: Drag the left handle to mark the beginning of the action and drag the right handle to mark the end of the action. Click Done Trimming to add the highlight to your Athlete Profile page.

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