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Load (Rip) a DVD into Hudl Video Editor

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Video Editor is only compatible on PC computers. Hudl Mercury is an easier and faster alternative for uploading video. Video Editor should only be used if you have a MiniDV camera or need to burn a DVD.

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to rip a DVD and publish it to your Hudl Video Library.

In Hudl, you are able to rip video from a DVD and add it directly to your Video Library. This powerful tool provides a quick solution to importing DVD video from previous seasons or opponent scout DVDs without the necessity of extra equipment such as a canopus box. Once you rip the DVD, you can interact with the video just like any other captured video in the Hudl Video Editor.

Before starting this tutorial, go to the Hudl Video Editor and create a project. For more information about accessing Hudl Video Editor and creating a project, see the Hudl Video Editor First Steps tutorial.

Rip a DVD

After you have created a new project, and selected a profile in Hudl Video Editor, you will be taken to the video editing screen.

  1. Open Hudl Video Editor and select a project.
  2. Click the Add Video button at the bottom of the Video Editor.
  3. The Add Video dialog will appear. Select whether you would like to add the video to a new angle or append it to an existing angle already in the project.
  4. Select the Load from DVD option.
  5. If this is the first time you have attempted to rip a DVD on this machine, a window will appear that says DVD Feature Not Installed. An additional Hudl Video Editor plugin is necessary to rip a DVD and if it has not been installed, you will not be able to rip a DVD correctly. Click OK and the Hudl Video Editor will install automatically install the plugin on your machine.
  6. During the installation you will see updates regarding the status of the installation, the three status updates you will see are:
    • Downloading Update
    • Applying Update
    • Update Complete

When the update complete window appears, click Close to reopen the Hudl Video Editor. The Video Editor will open the project and show the Add Video window. You will need to click Load From DVD again to begin ripping the DVD.

  1. A dialog box with information about scene detection will appear, after reading the information, click I’ve got it. Let’s go.
  2. If you haven’t yet, place the DVD with the desired video in your computer’s DVD drive, and select your DVD from the Select DVD Dialog.

    If your DVD does not appear, hit the Refresh button.

  3. If you have already placed your DVD in the DVD drive, the ripping process will begin automatically.
  4. Click Skip when the third progress bar begins to load, if you do not wish to do scene detection. Hudl will then load your video as a file you can cut yourself.
  5. Click Finish when the progress bars are completely loaded.

Cut your video

If you used scene detection, you can skip these steps - your DVD will already be cut into clips

  1. To begin cutting the video, press the Play Full Angle button. The video should begin playing in the video player.
  2. Press the In button on the video player to start capturing a clip. When the play has finished, press the Out button. Once the out button has been pressed, the clip will be added to the clips list below the video player.