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Load from File or Hard Drive Camera in Hudl Video Editor

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Video Editor is only compatible on PC computers. Hudl Mercury is an easier and faster alternative for uploading video. Video Editor should only be used if you have a MiniDV camera or need to burn a DVD.

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the concept of loading video from file or hard drive camera into the Hudl Video Editor.

In Hudl, you are able to load video files directly into the Video Editor. This is particularly useful if you have a hard drive camera or if you use an online video exchange system other than Hudl. Hudl makes it easy allowing you to import several video files from your computer at one time. Once you capture the video into Hudl, you can interact with the video files just like any other video you have captured with Hudl Video Editor.

Before starting this tutorial, go to the Hudl Video Editor and create a project. For more information about accessing Hudl Video Editor and creating a project, see the Hudl Video Editor First Steps tutorial.

Load Video from File

  1. Open Hudl Video Editor and select a project.
  2. Click the Add Video button at the bottom of the Video Editor.
  3. The Add Video dialog will appear. Select whether you would like to add the video to a new angle or append it to an existing angle already in the project.
  4. Click the Load from File button.
  5. Locate the location of your video files (this can be your hard drive camera), select the clip(s) you would like to add, and click Open.
  6. If you have chosen only one clip:
    • The Video Editor will read the file for digital marks and attempt to find clips. You can skip this process by clicking Skip.
    • If no digital marks are found, the Video Editor will attempt to use Hudl’s scene detection to separate the video file into clip. You can skip this process by clicking Skip.
    • Once the video file is processed, you will be taken to the video screen. If Hudl’s digital detection and scene detection did not find any clips, you will need to cut the video yourself.
    • To begin cutting the video, press the Play Full Angle button. The video should begin playing in the video player.
    • Press the In button on the video player to start creating a clip. When the play has finished, press the Out button. Once the out button has been pressed, the clip will be added to the clips list below the video player.
  7. If you have chosen multiple clips:
    • The Load Multiple Files dialog will appear. Here, you can view your clips before adding the video by clicking the Play button next to each clip.
    • Hudl can cut each video file into an individual clip. To do so, check the Create a Clip from Each Video File box.
    • Click Load to load the files into the Video Editor.
    • The dialog should disappear and you will now see a Hudl Video Editor project. If you selected to create a clip from each file, you will see a clip for each video file in your project. If you did not select this option, you will need to markup the video as described above.

Now that you have added video to the Hudl Video Editor, the next step is to edit your video data or add another angle. Learn how to edit your data in the Editing Video Data in Hudl Video Editor tutorial. Learn how to add another angle in the Intercut Multiple Angles tutorial.