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Manually Load DVD

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There are two workarounds to this process: manually copying the VOB files from the DVD (which may not work if the DVD is encrypted) and using DVD Decrypter to rip an encrypted DVD. You can then manually load the ripped files into Hudl. Both methods are described in this KB.

Disclaimer: These steps are only to be used to rip non-federally protected DVDs. Hudl does not condone ripping federally protected DVDs and is not legally responsible for actions taken by the end user.

Manually Copying the VOB Files

  1. Place the DVD in your DVD drive
  2. Open My Computer
  3. Right-click on the DVD and select Explore
  4. Navigate to the Video_TS folder
  5. Copy all files that end in the extension .VOB to a folder on your desktop except for the VIDEO_TS.VOB file

If the copying succeeds, skip ahead to the Loading the VOB Files into the Video Editor section of this KB.

Using DVD Decrypter

First you need to download and install DVD Decrypter:

  1. Download DVD Decrypter here:
  2. Install DVD Decrypter

If you want a guide for understanding DVD Decrypter has a guide for using the software available; however, the step-by-step instructions needed are listed below.

Once you have installed DVD Decrypter, you need to rip the DVD:

  1. Place the DVD in your DVD drive
  2. Open DVD Decrypter (there should be an icon on your desktop or in your start menu)
  3. Select Mode >> IFO from the menu at the top of DVD Decrypter
  4. Select the Stream Processing tab on the right side of the application
  5. Check the Enable Stream Processing option
  6. Usually there are two items - Uncheck the option that has Audio in the row (if one exists); if no Audio option exists, move to the next step
  7. Under the list of items, select the option that says Demux
  8. Change the destination folder to a location to somewhere you know (I used a folder on your desktop called DVD) by clicking the folder icon on the left side of the screen
  9. Click the button that looks like a DVD going to a hard drive on the bottom left side of the screen

The video will now rip to your computer. Once it is ripped you can use it in the Hudl Video Editor.

Loading the VOB Files into the Video Editor

  1. Open a project in the Hudl Video Editor
  2. Select Add Video >> Load from File
  3. Browse to the directory where you saved the files you ripped from the DVD
  4. Select the first of the VOB file. If you want scene detection to run on the VOB files, you will need to select one file at a time.
  5. Click Load
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for each VOB file in the folder