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Make Your Computer's Clock Correct

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This does not apply to the Hudl Tesco Tablet. Check out Tesco's support page here.

When you press the publish button you see this error message. “An error occured while initializing: The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.

The message you are seeing when attempting to publish is a security feature we implement on our servers to prevent unauthorized publishing. In this case, your computer’s clock does not match the server that you are publishing to.

To fix this check that these four things are exactly correct:

  1. Clock time (including AM/PM)
  2. Time zone
  3. Daylight savings setting
  4. Date

You can edit these settings by double-clicking on your clock on the task bar or by going to Control Panel » Date and Time.

One (or more) of those four things is wrong and that is causing the message to appear. Simply ensure that all four of those clock settings are correct and return to the Video Editor and attempt to publish again.

If you are sure everything is correct and still having issues, please contact Hudl Support.