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Organize and Publish Video with Hudl Mercury

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Publishing your video from Hudl Mercury will make it available to your team on

This tutorial starts on the last step of the upload process. For more information about adding video and editing clips in Hudl Mercury, see the Getting Started with Hudl Mercury and Edit and Review Video in Hudl Mercury tutorials.

Organizing Video

  1. When you are ready to publish the video, click the I’m Done Reviewing button in the lower right-hand corner of the Review screen.
  2. You will be asked to log in to ensure you load the film to the correct team.
  3. Choose which team the film is for from the drop down box in the column on the left. If you are only on one team, this field will be auto-selected for you.
  4. Choose whether the video is Game Footage, Opponent Scout, Practice, End of Season, Clinic, or Miscellaneous footage.
  5. Choose a season from the drop down box in the second column.
  6. Choose a game from your schedule where you wish to add the video.
    • To publish the video to a game that isn’t already on your schedule, click the Add a New Game or Event link. This will take you to your Manage Schedule page where you can add a game to your schedule. For more information about editing your schedule, see the Creating Your Team’s Schedule tutorial.
    • Once you have added the game, you will see an updated schedule in Hudl Mercury.
    • Select the game.
  7. Mercury will automatically fill in the video’s name, but you can change it by simply deleting the current text and typing in something new. 1. Game Footage will be auto-set for the name of your opponent and the date, however.
  8. The final step is to choose the group you would like to share the film with immediately. By choosing Nobody, the film will only be viewable in your account. For more information on sharing from, see the Creating and Sharing a Video Playlist tutorial.

Publishing Video

  1. Click Save & Upload this Video to to begin the publishing process. The progress box will appear with the current status of the import process. The two areas of information regarding the progress are:
    • Encoding – Shows the progress of encoding your raw video into video usable on
    • Video Upload – Shows the progress of uploading your encoded video to
  2. You can view the clips as they publish on by clicking the Watch These Clips Now on button.