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Load (Rip) a DVD into Hudl Mercury

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In Hudl, you are able to rip video from a DVD and add it directly to your video library. This powerful tool provides a quick solution to importing video from previous seasons or opponent scout DVDs.

Before starting this tutorial, you will need to download Hudl Mercury onto your computer. See the Getting Started with Hudl Mercury tutorial for more information.

Ripping a DVD

  1. Open Hudl Mercury.
  2. Place the DVD with the desired video in your computer’s DVD drive. On the Add Video screen, select the DVD you wish to rip from the dialog box and click Add Video from this DVD.
  3. Mercury will then begin the ripping process automatically. You will see a single progress bar.
  4. The Review screen will automatically appear when the DVD has finished loading.

Scene detection can NOT be turned off in Hudl Mercury.

Cutting Your Video

Your DVD will already be cut into clips.

You can merge, delete, and split the clips using the buttons at the top of the screen. For more information on reviewing and editing clips, see the Edit and Review Video in Hudl Mercury tutorial.