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Get Started with Hudl Mercury

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Hudl Mercury is a tool for coaches and team administrators to use to upload video to their account.

Uploading video from a Mac computer? Read this.

Only coaches can install Mercury and upload video. Athletes will not have the option to install.

Install Mercury

First, download and install Hudl Mercury. You can download Mercury by clicking the blue download button on the Home page when you are logged into your account.

Choose Video Source

Second, upon opening Mercury, you will be asked to choose the source the video is coming from. After choosing the source, Mercury will take it from there.

Hard Drive Camera or External Storage Device

Each time you start and stop recording, a hard drive camera creates a separate video file and Hudl allows you to directly import these files. So when your game is over, your video is already cut and ready to publish. See this tutorial for more information on loading video from a camera into Mercury.

Media Files

If you have video saved on your computer, drag and drop the files from a folder or click Add to search for them. See this tutorial for more information on loading video from a media file into Mercury.


Hudl Mercury can rip and cut your DVD in one click. If you have a DVD that’s been exchanged to you by another team, you’ll want to check out this tutorial.

Edit and Publish Your Film

Finally, once your video has loaded, you can review, edit, and publish your film.

See Edit and Review Video in Hudl Mercury and Organize and Publish Video in Hudl Mercury.

Merging and splitting clips is complete in no time, especially when Mercury tells you which clips need attention right off the bat. After that, just send your video off to the right place on