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Load (Rip) a DVD with Mercury for Mac

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Mercury for Mac allows you to rip video from a DVD using your Mac computer and add it directly to your Hudl Library.

Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have installed Mac for Mercury on your Mac computer. Check out the Getting Started with Mercury for Mac tutorial for more information on installing the software.

Ripping a DVD

  1. Open Mercury for Mac.
  2. Place the DVD with the desired video in your computer’s DVD drive. Once it is in the computer’s drive, the DVD will automatically appear and become highlighted.
  3. Click the Next button and the ripping process will begin automatically. You will see a single progress bar.

    Scene detection can NOT be turned off in Mercury for Mac.

  4. The Review Your Clips screen will automatically appear when the DVD has finished loading.

Edit and Review Your Video

Mac for Mercury will automatically cut your video into individual clips. Then you will be able to edit the clips by using the split, merge, and delete tools. For help editing your clips once they have loaded, see the Edit and Review Your Video with Mercury for Mac tutorial.