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Get Started with Mercury for Mac

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Download and Install Mercury for Mac

Mercury for Mac requires OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8 or newer) to run. You can check the version by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and selecting About this Mac to make sure you’re good to go.

  1. Download and install Mercury for Mac by clicking on the blue Install a Video Capture Tool button on the Home page when logged into your account. Mercury for Mac

    Like the video capture tools on your PC computers, only coaches will have access to download Mercury for Mac.

  2. Look for the download box at the top or bottom of your internet browser.
  3. Merury for Mac will automatically open the installer.
  4. Click and hold the Hudl Mercury Icon to drag and drop it in your Applications Folder. Installation
  5. Open the program by selecting the icon in your applications folder.

Publish Video with Mercury for Mac

With Mercury for Mac you will be able to publish video to your Hudl Library in four easy steps:

Step One: Choose Your Video

Alt text

After opening Mercury for Mac, you will be asked to choose the source the video is coming from. Three options exist: load from DVD, load from a camera or storage device, or load from file.

Alt text

From a DVD: Mercury for Mac can rip and cut a DVD in one click. Check out the Load from DVD with Mercury for Mac tutorial if loading video from a DVD.

From a Camera or Storage: Mercury for Mac will create a separate clip each time you start and stop the hard drive camera when recording a game. Check out the Load from File with Mercury for Mac tutorial.

From a Folder: If you already have video saved on your computer, drag and drop the files or click the Choose a Folder or Files button. Check out the Load from File with Mercury for Mac tutorial.

Step Two: Review Your Clips

Step 2

The next step is reviewing your clips. You will have the option to remove, combine, and split the clips to adjust them to fit your team’s needs. Check out the Edit and Review Video with Mercury for Mac tutorial.

Step Three: Organize Your Video

Step 3

After reviewing your clips, you will be asked to organize your video by connecting it with the right schedule entry in your Hudl Library. Check out the Organize and Publish Video with Mercury for Mac tutorial.

Step Four: Uploading to Hudl

Step 4

Your clips will now be encoded and uploaded to your Hudl Library.