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Edit and Review Video with Mercury for Mac

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Mac for Mercury allows you to edit the video you have captured before publishing to your Hudl Library. This step lets you easily adjust the clips so they best suit your team’s needs.

Before starting this tutorial, make sure you already have video added to Mercury for Mac. See the Getting Started with Mac for Mercury tutorial for help on loading video from a DVD or hard drive camera.

Editing Captured Video

Your clips will be listed to the left of the video player. Hudl will automatically detect any clips that may need editing and highlight them in red. This will allow you to edit the highlighted clips and simply spot-check the rest to save you time.

You will be able to make the following changes while editing your clips:

  • To remove a clip, click on the clip in the list and then click on the Remove Clip button.
  • To merge two clips into a single clip, click the Combine with Previous or Combine with Next button while playing the particular clip.
  • To split a clip into two separate clips, play the clip to the location of the split in the video player and then press the Split Clip Here button.

Mercury for Mac also gives you Undo and Redo buttons located on the right under the video player.

Publishing Video

Once you are satisfied with the breakdown of your clips, it is time to organize and publish your video. Click the Next button in the bottom right corner of the screen to move on to the Organize Your Video Step. See the Organize and Publish Video with Mercury for Mac tutorial to learn how to publish your video to your Hudl Library.