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Importing Video and Data from DSV

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The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to import the video and data from DSV into Hudl Video Editor.

Exporting from DSV

  1. Load the game in DSV.
  2. Right-click and click Export as a Text File.
  3. Save the .txt file to your desktop.

Importing into Hudl

  1. Open up the Hudl Video Editor and choose the Import Project option.
  2. Create the project and choose DSV on the Import Project step.
  3. Click Browse and find the project file that was saved on your desktop. Leave the “kind of project” as Game. Import project
  4. On the next step, match the columns to the corresponding Hudl columns to ensure all of your data is imported correctly.
  5. Hudl will now import your data and video. Once it has loaded, click Publish and your video will be sent to