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Import Video from XOS

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Access the Import Page

  1. Go to and log in using your Hudl username and password.
  2. Hover over Video and click Import.

Import Video from XOS

Four Steps Step 4

  1. Pick External Cutups: Select which video from XOS you want to import. Only active XOS folders will be available to choose from. Optional: Label the video as O, D or K.
  2. Select Library Destination: Select the destination you want to import the video to. This is where the video will be saved in your Hudl Library. Learn how to set up a custom schedule for your Hudl Library.
  3. Share with…: Select who to share the video with.
  4. Start Importing: Click Start Importing. You will see a spinning wheel to the right and the progress of the import in the list below. Click Cancel all import jobs to stop the import. Any video that has already been encoded will finish uploading.

Reimporting Options

  • Reimport: Click Reimport to update data or clips that have been added to the playlist.
  • Control+Reimport: Hold Control on your keyboard while you click Reimport to re-encode all clips. Any data changes will also be updated.
  • Control+Shift+Reimport: Hold Control and Shift on your keyboard while you click Reimport to unlink the video between XOS and Hudl. This allows you to import the video as a separate playlist to a new location in Hudl. Reimport Steps