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Create a Practice Script

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Common Questions

How do I create a practice script? How do I edit play cards? How do I print the practice script? How do I create a magic script?

Create Practice Script

  1. Open the Coaching Tools tab and select Practice Scripts.
  2. Click Create a New Practice Script. Select Create a Blank Script or Create a Magic Script. Alt text
  3. Add plays straight from the opponent scout film in your library. Click Show Playlists and select the game and the play that you want to add. Hudl will automatically transfer the breakdown information and pull from previously saved templates.
  4. Click the camera icon to preview the play.
  5. To add a play without video, click the plus sign. Manually enter the column information associated with the play.

Alt text

Roll your mouse over an existing play and click the copy icon. This will be great for flipping the offense and defense on an existing play card or tweaking the defense on a different play.

Edit Play Cards

Alt text

Select any play card to begin editing:

Add Players: Add players by selecting circle, triangle or text. Click on the field to place the player icon you selected.

Draw Zones: Click the zone drawing tool to add defensive zones.

Draw Routes: Select which drawing tool you’d like to use and click the player the route is for.

  • For a straight-line route, click a point on the field to draw the route to that point. To continue an active route, click on another point on field.
  • For a free-hand route, select the player and click and hold while you draw the route.
  • Check out the full list of available drawing lines. Alt text

Print Practice Script

Click Print on the main screen to take your practice script out with you on the field. You have the option to print one, two, four, or eight play cards per page.

Alt text