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Edit Video Clips

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Split, merge and delete clips online with Hudl’s Online Video Editing tool.

This tool is also great for intercutting multiple angles of video and matching data from Tag a Game to your video.

Edit Playlist

  1. In the library, select the playlist by checking the box next to it. Alt text
  2. Hover the mouse over the playlist. Click Modify and select Edit Video in the drop-down. Alt text
  3. Use the following tools to edit clips: Alt text
    • Trim Clips: Press the 1 key on your keyboard to trim the front of the clip and the 2 key to trim the end.
    • Split Clips: Play the video to the location of the split, then press Split located below the video.
    • Delete Clips: Play the clip, then click the trash can icon or Delete located below the video.
    • Combine Clips: Select the clip then click combine above or combine below button located below video.
    • Undo Edit: Click Undo below the video to undo previous change.
  4. When finished, click Save located in the top right.