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Common Questions

How do I set up a free Recruit account? What if I can’t find my school? How do I view the recruiting package? How do I search for athletes?

Recruiting film and information is limited exclusively to college coaches with a school-provided email address.

Receive an Email

Once you receive a recruiting package, just open the email and click the link.

Set Up a Free Recruit Account

  1. Enter your first name, last name and phone number.
  2. Choose the school you coach for and check that you’re authorized to recruit on that school’s behalf. If your school isn’t listed, follow these steps.
  3. Click Create Your Password.

Can't Find Your School?

If your school is not listed, send an email to and we will add the school. Be sure to include:

  • Your full name and email address
  • The sport and gender of your team
  • The full name, email and phone number of your school’s primary recruiting coordinator

View Package

  1. Login to and click Recruiting.
  2. Click Your Recruits or View Inbox. All recruiting packages sent to anyone on your staff will appear in the Staff Inbox. Alt text
  3. Click the athlete to view their profile page. The following information will be sent with a recruiting package: Alt text
    • Nike SPARQ data (if applicable)
    • Highlights
    • Athletic information
    • Academic information
    • Contact information
    • Full game videos
  4. Click and drag the athlete to move him to another inbox.

You only have access to your personal inbox and the Staff Inbox, not another coach's personal inbox.

  1. Click Search at the top and enter the name of an athlete or school. Alt text
  2. All athletes and schools designated as public will appear.
  3. Select a school or athlete to view highlights and athletic information on their profile page.