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Manage Your Breakdown Data

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Common Questions

How do I create custom columns? How do I edit existing columns and data?

Create a Custom Column

  1. Hover over Team and select Breakdown Data. Alt text
  2. Select Add New Breakdown Data to create a custom column. Alt text
  3. Name your column, select a value, and check Coach Only if you don’t want athletes to see that column’s information. Alt text
  4. Click Save.

Make sure to add your custom column to your displayed set in the Library. Find out how.

Edit Existing Values

  1. Hover your mouse over the column and select Edit on the right.
  2. To clean up existing values, hover your mouse over the value and select the pencil icon. You can rename, edit or delete the value and click Done to save.
  3. Click Clear all possible values to remove all existing values for that column. Alt text

    Clearing all existing values will not remove breakdown data for previous games.

  4. You can lock the values, preventing anyone from adding new values during breakdown. Check Lock data to just these values.

The Hudl logo appears beside premade columns. These columns cannot be deleted or edited.