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Import and Export Data

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Common Questions

How do I export data from Hudl to an Excel spreadsheet? How do I import data from an Excel spreadsheet? How do I match the data with video in my Library?

Export Data from Excel

  1. From your Library, select the game that has the data you want to export.
  2. Hover over More on the right below the schedule entries and select Export Data to Excel. Alt text
  3. The Excel file will begin to download automatically. Find the file in the Downloads folder on your computer.

Import Data from Excel

  1. Select a game from your Library so Hudl knows which schedule entry to import the data to.
  2. Hover over More on the right under the schedule entries.
  3. Select Import Data. Alt text
  4. Click Choose File and select the Excel or .CSV file to import. Alt text
  5. Select the Hudl columns that match your values from the drop-downs. The columns with matching names will be synced automatically. Alt text
  6. Click Import Data into Hudl when all columns have been matched.
  7. The imported data will appear as a separate playlist not associated with any video. Follow the steps below to match the data with your video.

Match Data with Video

Alt text

  1. Check the box next to the Imported Data and the box next to the actual playlist with the video so that both are highlighted in blue.
  2. Click Match on the right and your film and data will load in a new window.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to move the data around so that it matches exactly with the corresponding video clip.
  4. When you are done matching the data to the video clips, click Save and Close at the top.