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Create and Share Telestrations and Text Notes

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Before adding notes and telestrations, go to the library and load a playlist. For more information about accessing the library and loading a playlist, see the Watching Videos in Hudl tutorials.

Create a Video Note

  • Click the play icon below your video screen to play the video.
  • Use the playback controls to move to the location where you want to create a video note.
  • The Note Tools are located on the left side of your video playback bar. Alt text

Add Telestrations

  1. Click on the video screen when you want to draw. Hudl’s freehand telestration capability is always active.
  2. Click the Telestration icon Hudl Telestration Icon for other drawing options::
    • Hudl ArrowDraw an arrow
    • Hudl BlockDraw a block
    • Hudl Straight LineDraw a straight line
    • Hudl BoxDraw a box
    • Hudl FreehandDraw freehand
    • Hudl Delete TelestrationDelete telestration

Add Spot Shadows

Spot shadows are a great way to highlight a specific player in a clip. Hudl Spot Shadow

  1. Click the spot shadow icon on the playback bar.
  2. Choose the spot shadow you would like to place on the video.
    • Drag the first slider to adjust the size of the spot shadow.
    • Drag the second slider to rotate the spot shadow.
    • Click Play to preview the spot shadow.
    • Click Remove to delete the spot shadow.
  3. Edit the spot shadow by rolling your mouse over it.

Add Text Notes

  1. Click the Abc icon and a text box will be added on top of the video. Hudl Text Note
  2. Click in the text box to add comments.
  3. To move the text note, click in the bar on top of the text note and drag to position it to the desired location.
  4. To remove the text box, click the red X in the top left corner of the text box. This will permanently delete the text box.

Share Telestrations and Text Notes

Your video notes are saved on timeline above the video playback tools.

  1. Click on a video note pin Hudl Video Pin on the timeline to skip to the portion of the clip with those notes.
  2. The coach who created the note, a share icon, and a red X delete button will appear. Alt text
  3. Click the share icon to share your notes with other users. Hudl Share Icon
  4. Enter a brief message and click Share. This message will be included in the email each user will receive. Alt text
  5. The recipients will receive a notification that you have shared the voice note with them.
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