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Common Questions

How do I create a Hudl presentation? How do I edit an existing presentation? How do I share a presentation? How do I download a presentation for offline viewing?

Create Presentation

Hudl presentations are stored in your video library just like playlists or reports. To create your first presentation, you need login and go to your library.

  1. Hover over Video and select Library.
  2. Click the New Presentation button at the top of the Library. Hudl presentation
  3. The New Presentation window will appear.
    • Type a name for the presentation in the Name box. new presentation
  • Select a category where the presentation will reside. In the category section there are three columns:

    Column 1: The season in your library

    Column 2: The game on your schedule

    Column 3: The category under the game (where the presentation will be stored)

  • Select Create this Presentation to create a new presentation. You will now be taken to the Edit Presentation page.

Editing Your Presentation

The look and feel of the Presentation Editor will feel very similar to other presentation building software such as Microsoft PowerPoint®. If you are not used to making presentations, don’t worry, it is very intuitive and easy to learn.

  1. By default, the first slide created for you is the title slide.
  2. To edit the title on the slide, click in the Click to add title box and begin typing. Anytime you see this box, you can click inside the box and add text.

    Use the text formatting tools at the top of the Presentation Editor to change the text formatting.

  3. There are several ways to add content to a slide:
    • To add text, click in the Click to add content box and begin typing. Anytime you see this box, you can click inside the box and add text. You can also click the text box image.
  • To add an image, click the Add Image button. The Choose Photo window will appear.

  • To load an image from your computer

    • Select From Computer

    • Click Browse

    • Find the image on your computer and click Open

  • To load an image from the web

    • Select From Web

    • Enter the URL of the image in the URL box

  • Click Done to load the image onto the slide. Anytime you see the Add Image button you can add an image to your slide.

  • To add a video from your library, click the Add Video button. The Choose Video window will appear. The Choose Video window is a snapshot of your video library. For more information about how to use your video library see the Watching Videos in Hudl tutorial video.

    • Find the video you want to add to your presentation and play the video in the video window.

    • Click Add this whole playlist to load each clip in that playlist onto separate slides. If you would like to just add one clip, check the box next to the clip and then click Add just this clip.

    • Once the video is loaded, click the Preview Clip button to preview the video on your slide.

    • Click the Change Clip Settings button to change the clip’s settings.

      • Check the Play Automatically button to have the video play automatically during presentation mode.

      • Place a checkmark next to any interactive video note (annotation) that you would like to appear during the presentation.

      • Click Save. Instead of using the built-in content options, you can also add content to your slide at any time by clicking the Insert Video, Insert Image, or Insert Text buttons at the top-left corner of the presentation window.

  1. You can resize any of your content by clicking and dragging the circles on the corners of your content.
  2. You can delete any of the content on your slide by clicking on the content and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.
  3. Select Slide » New Slide from the Presentation Editor to add a new slide.
  4. The Choose a Slide Template window will appear. You can choose from four built-in slide templates or choose to create a blank slide.
  5. Click on the slide template you want to use.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to add new content to your slide.
  7. Click File » Save to save the presentation.

Slide Thumbnail Window

On the left side of the Presentation Editor is the slide thumbnail window. This window gives you an overview of all of the slides in the presentation.

  1. Click on any slide to load that slide in the slide window.
  2. Click the Add New Slide button to add a new slide after the currently selected slide.
  3. Click the Delete Slide button to delete the currently selected slide.
  4. Click the Duplicate Slide button to create an exact replica of the selected slide.
  5. Use the Move Slide Up and Move Slide Down buttons to change the order of your slides.

Leaving the Presentation Editor

There are two ways to leave the presentation editor.

  1. Click on the Save and Close button (or select File » Save and Close)
  2. Select File » Close (this will not save your changes).

Edit Existing Presentation

You can always return to edit a presentation at a later date. Any coach listed as a team administrator is able to edit the presentation.

  1. Find the presentation in your Hudl library.
  2. Roll over the presentation name with your mouse.
  3. Select the Edit option that appears. This will open the presentation in the presentation viewer.

Viewing Presentations

Once you have created a presentation, you can view it from your Hudl library.

  1. Find the presentation in your Hudl library.
  2. Click on the presentation name. The presentation will automatically load in the video player window.
  3. To change slides, click the Previous Slide and Next Slide buttons in the bottom-left corner of the presentation window.
  4. To watch the presentation in full screen, click the View Full screen button in the bottom-right corner of the presentation window.
  5. If you have video on a slide, use the video controls to control playback

Share Presentation

In Hudl, you can quickly share your presentations to other coaches or players on your team or to the public.

To share with your team:

  1. Click on a presentation in your library.
  2. With a presentation highlighted, click the Share button above the library to share a presentation. The Share a Presentation dialog will appear.
  3. Select the users or groups you would like to share the presentation with and click the right arrow to add them to the Share list. If you would like to share this presentation with everyone, click the All Team option.
  4. Enter a brief message to send everyone receiving the presentation in the Message box. This message will be included in the email each user will receive and can help explain the contents of the presentation.
  5. Click the Share button at the bottom of the dialog to share the presentation.

To share with the public:

  1. Click Edit next to the presentation while in the library.
  2. Once in the Presentation Editor, click Embed.
  3. When the Embed This Presentation dialog box appears, click Make this Presentation Public. Alt text
  4. Share the link given to you with anyone who is not a member of your team.