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Common Questions

How do I add a slide to my playlist? How do I download a playlist with slides? How do I convert an existing presentation? How do I share a playlist with slides? How do I create a presentation with the old presentation creator?

Presentation slides can now be part of playlists for all Gold and Platinum packages. Add your playbook, text slides, or files from the computer to playlists so that coaches and athletes can review on their mobile devices.

Add Slide

  1. Hover over Video and select Library.
  2. Select a playlist to add content to, or create a new Presentation by clicking Presentation and then Try It Out. Alt text Alt text
  3. Navigate to the spot in the playlist where you want to add a slide. Click the Add Slide button in the orange bar above the clips list. Alt text
  4. The following options are available for adding a slide:
    • Add Text: Click in the slide above to begin entering text to the slide. Changes will save automatically once you type. Highlight any added text to see the available formatting options. Alt text
    • Upload Files: Click the orange cloud icon to upload image files or Powerpoint presentations. Browse for the files on your computer and click Open. Alt text

      Supported file types include: .jpg, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .tif and .tiff. Having trouble uploading PowerPoint files? Try these steps.

    • Add Playbook Content: Click the x’s and o’s icon to search for play cards in your team’s playbook. Alt text

Download Playlist with Slides

  1. From the library, check the box next to the playlist you want to download, then click Modify. Alt text
  2. Select Download from the drop-down. Alt text
  3. Choose the Presentation file type and click Prepare this Download. Alt text
  4. Once you receive the email, open it and select the blue link to begin the download. The slides, complete with text notes and drawings, will be downloaded too. Alt text
  5. Find the zipped folder in your computer’s downloads folder. Right-click the folder and select Extract All. Alt text
  6. Once extracted, open the folder labeled with “Start” followed by the name of the presentation. Select the html file to present the downloaded presentation offline.

Convert Presentation to Playlist

  1. Select a presentation in the library. Hover over the name of the presentation and click Modify. Alt text
  2. Click Convert to Playlist in the drop-down. Alt text
  3. The presentation will convert to a new playlist, with all the slides appearing in the same category as the presentation. Alt text

Share Playlist

  1. Select the presentation playlist that you have added slides to, then click Share above the schedule entries. Alt text
  2. Select the users or groups you would like to share the playlist with. Alt text
  3. Enter a brief message to those receiving the playlist in the Message box. Click Share when finished. Alt text


Convert PowerPoint to Images

  1. Open the PowerPoint that needs uploaded to Hudl. Click File at the top, then select Save As. Alt text
  2. Change the file type to PNG and click Save. Each slide will be converted to a separate .PNG file. Alt text
  3. Return to Hudl and upload the .PNG files to the playlist using the same steps as above.

Create Presentations

The following steps are for the old presentations creator. Check out the steps above to see the new, recommended way to add slides to playlists.

  1. Hover over Video and select Library.
  2. Click Presentation at the top, then select the small link, No thanks, use the old way. Alt text Alt text
  3. Type a name for the presentation and select a category where it will be saved. Select Create this Presentation. Alt text
  4. By default, the first slide created is the title slide. Enter a title and subtitle. Alt text
  5. To add a new slide, click the green plus sign in the top left. Select a slide template. Alt text
  6. Use the following tools to add content:
    • Add Video: Select the video icon and choose which video to add. Add the whole playlist or select specific clips.
    • Add Image: Select the photo icon and choose to add from the computer or the web. To add an image from the computer, browse to find the image and click Open. To add an image from the web, enter the URL of the image and select Done.
    • Add Text: Click the text icon and use the formatting tools at the top to make changes.

Edit Existing Presentation

Any coach listed as a team administrator is able to edit a presentation.

  1. Select a presentation in the library. Hover over the name of the presentation and click Modify. Alt text
  2. Select Edit in the drop-down. Alt text
  3. Make the necessary changes to the presentation, then click Save & Close. Alt text

View Presentation

  1. Click any presentation in the list on the left. The presentation will automatically load in the video player window. Alt text
  2. Click the arrows in the bottom left to change slides. Alt text
  3. To watch the presentation in full-screen, click the full-screen icon in the bottom right. Alt text

Download a Hudl Presentation

  1. From the Library, select the presentation you’d like to download, and click Modify and Download on the right. Alt text Alt text

    Follow these steps if you choose to continue using Hudl Presenter.

Pro Tips

  • Select any video and move the corners in or out with the gray dots to resize.
  • Select any content on the slide and click Delete on the keyboard to remove it.
  • Use the Move Slide Up or Move Slide Down icons to change the order of the slides.
  • Click Preview in the upper right to preview the video on a slide.
  • Select Notes and Settings to change the video settings on a slide. From there you can choose to play the video automatically, or display any coaching notes that were added in the library.