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Take Your Hudl Presentations Offline

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With Hudl’s presentations, you can seamlessly integrate your video directly with Microsoft’s PowerPoint®, playbook diagrams, and other teaching tools you use to connect with your team. With Hudl’s presentation tool, your teaching opportunities are virtually endless and you will always have access to your coaching library no matter where you are. For more about using Hudl presentations, see the Using Presentations tutorial.

Hudl Presenter takes presentations to the next level. Once you have created a presentation, you can download it to your computer for use without the internet. This will allow you to use presentations at clinics, on the team bus on the way to a game, or any other time you would not have an internet connection. Your presentation will appear offline exactly as it does online.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through using Hudl Presenter.

Installing and Running Hudl Presenter

This tutorial begins with a presentation already created and open on If you haven’t already created a presentation, see the Using Presentations tutorial.

  1. Click the Download to My Computer button in the top-right corner of presentation window.
  2. An application installation dialog will appear (make sure you have allowed pop-ups and have permission to install applications on your machine). Check the boxes to indicate whether you would like a shortcut on your start menu, your desktop, or both places.
  3. Click OK to begin the installation of Hudl Presenter.
  4. A notification window will appear indicating that installation status of Hudl Presenter. Once Hudl Presenter has installed, it will open automatically.
  5. To launch Hudl Presenter in the future, select the Hudl Presenter icon from your desktop or your start menu.

Downloading a Presentation into Hudl Presenter

  1. Open Hudl Presenter on your computer.
  2. Open a presentation in the presentation editor on
  3. Click the Download to My Computer button in the top-right corner of presentation window. If Hudl Presenter is not open, you will receive a warning message indicating that you need to open Hudl Presenter before starting the download button.
  4. Return to the Hudl Presenter. Click the Start Downloading button that is now visible.
  5. A Microsoft Silverlight window will appear asking you to store data on your computer. Click Yes.
  6. Your presentation will now begin to download to your computer. A download window will appear indicating the status of your download. The three bars are:
    • Slides - The progress downloading the slides.
    • Data - The progress downloading the data on the slides.
    • Media - The progress downloading the pictures and video on each slide.
  7. Once the presentation has downloaded, it will appear in your presentation list. A New flag will appear next to the downloaded presentation until you open it or download another presentation.

Viewing a Presentation in Hudl Presenter

  1. Open Hudl Presenter on your computer.
  2. To open the presentation, click anywhere in the presentation row.
  3. The presentation will immediately open in full screen.
  4. To change slides, click the Previous Slide and Next Slide buttons in the bottom-left corner of the presentation window.
  5. If you have video on a slide, use the video controls to control playback.
  6. To close the presentation, click the Close button in the top-right corner of the presentation screen.

Removing a Presentation from Hudl Presenter

  1. Open Hudl Presenter on your computer.
  2. Click the red Remove Presentation button at the far right side of a presentation row.
  3. Click the Yes, Remove button to remove the presentation from Hudl presenter. The presentation will now be removed from your Hudl Presenter but it will not delete the presentation from your Hudl library.

Uninstalling Hudl Presenter

  1. Open Hudl Presenter on your computer.
  2. Right-click anywhere in the Hudl Presenter.
  3. Click Remove this application to remove Hudl Presenter from your computer. The Hudl Presenter tool will now be removed but none of your presentations will be deleted from