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Intercut Multiple Angles Online

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Online intercut tools let you intercut multiple angles of video online from your Library page the same way you do with Hudl Video Editor. These online tools will help you make your video workflow faster and more efficient. Upload two angles quickly with Mercury on separate computers, then intercut them once they’re online.

This means video is online twice as fast (three times as fast for you triple-angle teams). See the Getting Started with Hudl Mercury tutorial on how to publish each angle of film using Hudl Mercury.

Make sure you are using Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, or Safari as your internet browser when using the online intercut tools.

Using the Online Intercut Tools

The Basic and Elite package do not have access to the Online Intercut tools.

  1. In your library, check the box next to the playlists that contain your individual angles and need to be intercut.
  2. Roll your mouse over one of the playlists you have selected. On the right hand side, an Intercut option will appear. Click on this link to access the online intercut tools: Online Intercut
    • Matching Clips: Upon looking through your clips, if you notice a clip is off or needs moved up or down, click the up or down arrow associated with that clip to make the necessary changes. This will create a gap to compensate for extra clips on a particular angle.
    • Split Clips: If you want to split a clip into two separate clips, play the clip to the location of the split and then press the Split Here button located below the video screen.
    • Delete Clips: If you want to remove a clip, click on the clip and then click the Delete button located below the video screen.
    • Combine Clips: If you want to combine two clips into a single clip, click the Combine with Previous or Combine with Next button while playing the clip.
    • Swap the Order of the Angles: To change which angle is played first, click the arrows located between the two angles near the top of the page.
    • Rename the Angle: To rename an angle, simply click on the drop down above the video screen and select what you would like to rename it to.

When you have finished creating the intercut, click the Save and Close button located in the upper right corner. This will replace the previous playlists of individual angles with the playlist that contains your intercut video.