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Intercut Multiple Angles

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Intercut Multiple Angles of Video

Upload two angles of video with Mercury on separate computers, then intercut those angles once they’re online.

The Basic and Elite (club and youth) packages do not have access to the Online Intercut tools.

  1. In the library, select the playlists by checking the box next to each angle.
  2. Hover over the playlists and select Intercut. Online Intercut
  3. Use the following tools to edit clips from each angle:

    • Match Clips: If a clip needs moved, click the up or down arrow associated with that clip. This will create a gap to compensate for extra clips on an angle. Alt text
    • Split Clips: Play the video to the location of the split, then click Split Here. Alt text
    • Delete Clips: Select the clip, then click Delete. Alt text
    • Combine Clips: To combine two clips, click Combine with Previous or Combine with Next while playing the clip. Alt text
    • Swap the Order of the Angles: To change which angle is played first, click the arrows between the two angles. Alt text
    • Rename the Angle: Click on the drop-down above the video screen and make your selection. Alt text
  4. When finished, click Publish Intercut. This will replace the previous playlists with the intercut video. Alt text