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Edit Your Video Clips

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Split, merge, and delete clips online. These tools will be crucial for you when you need to modify an existing playlist. If you realize your intercut playlist has a mismatched clip or two plays are on the same clip you can now make those easy changes online.

Make sure you are using Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, or Safari as your internet browser when using the online editing tools.

Use the Online Editing Tools

  1. In your library, check the box next to the playlist you want to make changes to. Alt text
  2. Roll your mouse over the playlist you have selected. On the right hand side, a Modify option will appear. Alt text
  3. Click on the Modify option and select Edit Video in the drop down. Edit Video Clips
  4. Use any of the following tools to edit your clips:
    • Split Clips: If you want to split a clip into two separate clips, play the clip to the location of the split and then press the Split Here button located below the video screen.
    • Delete Clips: If you want to remove a clip, click on the clip then click the Delete button located below the video screen.
    • Merge Clips: If you want to merge two clips into a single clip, click the Combine with Previous or Combine with Next button while playing the clip.
    • Swap the Order of the Angles: To change which angle is played first, click the arrows located between the two angles near the top of the page.
    • Rename the Angle: To rename an angle, simply click on the drop down above the video screen and select what you would like to rename it to.

When you have finished modifying your video, click the Save and Close button located in the upper right corner. The changes you made to your video are now saved in the playlist in your library.