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Upload a Tax-Exempt Form

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Log in to Hudl.com and hover over your name in the top right. Click Billing & Invoices in the drop-down list.

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Remove Sales Tax

If your organization is located in Massachusetts, New York or Texas, and is tax-exempt, you can remove sales tax from the invoice by uploading the appropriate form.

Schools and organizations in the state of Washington are not eligable for tax-exempt status with Hudl

You can either email someone else the instructions for uploading the signed and dated tax-exempt form, or upload the form yourself.

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Upload the Form

  1. Select Upload the Form.

  2. Enter an email address.

  3. Browse for the form or drag and drop the file into the box.

  4. Click Send Us Your Form.

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The sales tax will be removed once the form is uploaded. Our Account Management team will review and contact you if they have questions or issues with the form. The uploaded form is private and can only be accessed by users within our organization.