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Managing Your Highlight Security Settings

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Only coaches have the ability to change the privacy settings on highlights. If you are an athlete, talk to your coach about changing the team's settings.

Managing Your Highlight Security Settings

  1. Hover over Team and click Privacy.

  2. Click the check box next to Allow recruiters, parents, and fans to watch my team’s highlights, if you would like to make your team’s highlights available to the public.

  3. Click Save My Team’s Highlight Preferences.

  4. Check the boxes beside the available angles you would like to make public.

  5. Click Save Angle Preferences.

Public and Private Player Highlight Pages

Each athlete has two views of their highlight page: a private view that only they can see and a public view that everyone else will see.

  • Only the team members can see a player’s private highlight page.

  • If a coach sets all highlights to be private then no highlights will be available on the athlete’s public highlight page.